Tutorial on Making Go To Scripts in Flash

You have studied the basic animations found in Flash, such as: Tween-Motion, Tween-Shape and Mask Animation.  The animations you've learned can be controlled with Action Script.  Action Script is the internal program code Flash is used to control the course of an animation so that the animation is made become more attractive and attractive. Creating GoTo Scripts Step 1: Create layers with the following arrangement and a ball object converted to symbol (graphic) with tween-motion: Step 2: Click the Button layer and create a rectangular F8 Button object. After that, right click frame 40 and F5 (insert frame) Step 3: Click the Action layer and click the 40-insert frame, then activate the Action below script, activate the Script Assist icon in the upper right corner of the Action and select it Script Assist.  Click Global Functions --> Timeline Control --> Click stop 2x Step 4: Select a square object, click Global Functions --> Timeline Control --> Click goto 2x Step 5: Cli

Tutorial on Making Mask Animation Using Flash

Mask animation is one of the basic animations that one must master I want to be good at making animations.  A simple example of a mask animation is a highlight animation stage light.  To make this animation it takes 3 layers, tween-motin animation and mask animation. Steps to create mask animation: Step 1: Create 3 layers with names: Highlight, Object and Lights.  To rename the live layer Double click the layer you want to rename. Step 2: Click the object layer, then create text that says YOUR NAME using the text tool.  Berries blue color of text in Arial font. Step 3: Click the Lights layer, animate a circle moving from left to right, use tweenmotion, up to frame 40.  Position the circle so that it fits the same circle is on the right Step 4: Click the Object layer, press F5 (insert frame) at frame 40 or right click at frame 40. Step 5: Click the Highlight-frame 1 layer, then click the Lights-frame 1 layer, press Ctrl + C (Copy), click back layer Highlight-frame 1 and Ctrl + Shift + V

Tutorial on Making Presentation Slides Using Flash

Although making presentation slides with Macromedia Flash Pro 8 is more difficult compared to Microsoft Power Point, but make presentation slides with Macromedia Flash Pro 8 can produce presentation slides that are more interesting and can deliver more many benefits.  With Macromedia Flash Pro 8 we can use the basics of making slides this presentation to create other types of presentations that can be added animations more complete and interesting. In making presentation slides with Macromedia Flash Pro 8, objects such as buttons or buttons, background and text should be placed in a different layer.  This matter intended so that the object can be controlled properly.  This tutorial discusses making slides presentation with blank slides documents that have been provided by Macromedia Flash Pro 8. We only need to add text or image animation effects and navigation buttons between slides. Before making a presentation slide, you should prepare the contents of the presentation slides, text o

Tutorial on Making a Movie Clip in Movie Clip

In this tutorial, we will learn how to make a moving car animation using the concept of movie clips in movie clips.  Requirements to study this tutorial are: technique basic drawing in Flash and tweening animation which has been discussed in the previous tutorial. In the next tutorial we will combine the looping technique to create moving backgrounds. Good luck. Step 1: Make car/truck shapes and tires according to your own wishes separately.  Do not forget change to movie clip format.  For example, for the shape of a car named movie clip: the car and tire shapes are named movie clip: tires. Step 2: Create a tween motion animation on a car movie clip at up to 50 frames.  (if you haven't already can make tween motion animation, please read my previous tutorial) Step 3: Double-click the car movie clip so that the layer position becomes like this Step 4: Insert frames up to frame 50 on layer 1. Step 5: Add a layer above layer 1. Click frame 1. Step 6: Put the tire movie clip right in p

Tutorial on Making Animated Moving Backgrounds

Sunday, no holiday, still go to school as usual, because today there is a flag ceremony commemorating the 63rd anniversary of our beloved Republic of Indonesia's independence.  The ceremony was short, almost 40 minutes and everything was smooth, meaning that nothing had to be repeated because it was wrong. However, all components of the school (teachers, staff and students) remained enthusiastic to take part in the ceremony, even though the sun was scorching.  The proof is that many students wear uniforms in an orderly manner, not "cluttered" and certainly easy to manage.  Come home from school, eat for a while (cooking Padang food), continue doing activities as usual (blogging). In this post I will give a flash tutorial, namely the steps for making a moving background animation (moving background).  I actually prepared this tutorial last night, while making a video tutorial. However, because the video file is too large (200 MB), I will not link it in this post.  How long

Tutorial on Making an Interactive Quiz Using Flash

Shape The questions in this quiz are multiple choice with 4 answer choices for each question. For example, in this tutorial, you will be given 5 questions.  Before you create in-app flash you should prepare the questions and answers.  Here are the questions used in this tutorial: Question no. 1: Integers in Pascal programming are also called.... A. Real numbers B. Rational numbers C. Real numbers D. Integer (*) Question no. 2: Macromedia Flash includes applications based on.... A. Bitmaps B.Vector (*) C. Pixels D. Animation Question no. 3: The database component for filtering data is called.... A. Table B.Form C.Query (*) D.Report Question no. 4: The .uk domain is the domain for the country.... A.Ukraine B. Australia C. English (*) D.Japan Question no. 5: The HTML tag used to create hyperlinks is.... A.<hyperlink> B.<href> C. <a> (*) D.<link> Information: Marked (*) are the answers to each question. Making an Interactive Quiz Using Flash Following are the steps

Apakah Pelaku Pemalsuan Hadits Menjadi Kafir?

Image  -  Apakah Pelaku Pemalsuan Hadits Menjadi Kafir? Gotong Royong Membersihkan Masjid Dalam beberapa artikel yang telah kami bagikan, sudah jelas bahwa pelaku dosa besar diancam oleh Rasulullah akan dicampakkan ke dalam api neraka. Hal ini disampaikan oleh Rasulullah kepada banyak sahabat dan dalam berbagai redaksi Hadits. Artikel tentang kumpulan hadits ancaman kepada pelaku pemalsu Hadits dapat anda baca di link ini . Artikel tentang alasan pelaku pemalsuan hadits dicampakkan ke dalam neraka dapat anda baca di link ini. Pada artikel ini, kami akan membagikan tentang Apakah pemalsu Hadits menjadi kafir atau tidak? Status Akidah Terhadap Pelaku Pemalsuan Hadits Mengenai status pemalsu hadis, ada dua pendapat berbeda dari para ulama hadis. Pertama, tidak berstatus kafir. Imam nawawi menerangkan bahwa status pelaku pemalsu Hadits tidak menjadi kafir menurut mayoritas ulama hadis. Tetapi praktik pemalsuan hadits itu adalah seburuk-buruk perbuatan yang dilakukan oleh diriny